Air provides considerable thermal insulation when trapped in a chamber.

It was such a nice day that we decided to have a picnic.


Ami and Alejandro decided not to get married.

The lawyers argued the case for hours.

I want to know where you live.


It was black.

Do you know how busy I've been?

That village has changed a lot from how it was 10 years ago.

Sofoklis has a surprise for Raman.

It's a story about a man who dies without ever finding true love.

Now we're together again.

He is well liked by his students.

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She gave the dog to her friends.

Hunger drove him to steal.

What is all this stuff?

Just be sensitive.

Terrance went over to where Mohammad was standing.

Soon it'll be winter.

Toerless knows what that means.

Netflix is now available in Europe.

I know you know how to do what needs to be done.

Is it stranger to dream about a bow or about a rainbow?

Mysore doesn't want to clean his room.

I thought that you had already eaten.

Johnnie insulted Chuck. That's why she's so upset.

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We all wondered why she had dumped such a nice man.


This highway saves us a lot of time.


These fireworks are spectacular!

He regretted his misdeeds.

Mr. Anton spoke to them coldly.

The Titanic sank at 02:20 on Monday, April 15th.

This election campaign is going to be a hellish mix of vituperative venom, as nasty as a fraternity house bathroom on New Year's Eve.

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Patrick came over to my house last night.


Clark sat down on one of the barstools.

David's sick, right?

I don't know who to choose.

How old were you when you left Australia?

Would you just look at me for a second?

He figured out a principle.

They have watched TV serials this evening.

I've stopped worrying about it.

I can get her to help you.

Do I get a prize?

One more step, and you'll be a dead man.

Lynn doesn't have to get up early tomorrow.

Please send me a letter once you arrive.

You've got to be some special kind of deranged to consider something like that.

What are you two doing out here?

Here is the demand forecast for 1998.

Angela doesn't really expect me to be at his party, does he?

How did you know it was Kees who stole your money?

We have to find Gregor before it gets dark.


I stayed.


Suspicion that this amounts to insider trading has strengthened.

Having a slight headache, I went to bed early.

We have no acquaintance with her.

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Dirk's face is reflected in the glass.

I've never been kissed like that before.

He suggested to me that we go to the beach.

Can you at least give me a chance to explain?

You are making a big mistake.

Miles has been performing before large audiences lately.

I can't choose where to go on vacation.

Vladimir and Jenine have an understanding.

It usually has just the opposite effect.

He asked me my age, my name, my address, and so forth.

I'm delighted to meet you.

Just getting one-to-one guidance was enough to make it an extremely fulfilling practise session.

At Narita Airport, I ran into an old friend of mine.

He turned his mind to it.

Lila is trying to quit smoking.


I have a lot of time for diversions.

I'm now officially part of this group.

That is the first and the last time I'm taking you home.


That's why I need to meet her.

Close your eyes.

Joon made a dash for the front door.

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His college boasts the finest view in the city.


Cecilia and John both can't swim.

Do you know how to wield an epee?

"Would you like to have lunch with us?" "I'd love to, but only if it's no trouble."

Everything stays the same.

You have to make efforts if you are to succeed.

What a stupid guy!

The dog kept barking at his reflection in the mirror.

A unique fossil of a tropical plant was found recently.

We'll get in touch with your family.

They only want Sergio.

He said he had seen her a month before.

It is of no consequence to me that he is coming.

I don't agree and I will tell you why.

I sell cars.

I thought Ninja might know what to do.

They're so funny.

I don't want to say that to him.

I was a member.

Take a wild guess.


What got him so upset?

Do you have a generator?

He doesn't want you to tell him about your sex life.

She is a clerk in the supermarket.

Who's been eating my peanuts?

Clyde told Les he hadn't seen John in years.

In my new house, the living room is on the ground floor and the bedroom is on the first floor.


Even Japanese can make mistakes when they speak Japanese.

Have you been crying?

I wish I could've seen her.

In a way, what your friend has said is true.

That's how we became friends.

Why have I never been told it?

Heike was pleasantly surprised when Dieter responded favorably to her advances.

Why didn't anybody tell me?

Is anyone going tomorrow?


I'm ashamed.


Could you make it another time?

Life has been hard on you.

Her eyes darkened.

Were you ever good at sports?

Happy Fourth of July!

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Children grow very quickly.


I am not accustomed to walking long distances.


I didn't tell you everything.

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The dead ones won't be here.

He smoked a cigar after lunch.

Experience means nothing because you could do your thing badly for 35 years.

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Sergiu removed his tie and unbuttoned his collar.

There's no hiding the fact from her.

I have to wake her up.

Having been caught in that situation before, I knew exactly what to do.

She is not a nurse, but a doctor.


Shaw has enough money to buy everything he wants.

Molly is a retired registered nurse.

Are there any volunteers?

A thousand years makes up a millenium.

Debbie! Do you hear me?

Mountaineering is chock-a-block with terms that never need translating, because every mountaineer adopts them.

This bike is like the one I've got.

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Religion is a contentious topic for many people.

I would like a word with Dori.

That sounds like a good plan.

We want them to follow us.

Scott, Dario and Ryan were very sporty.


Just yesterday I told that dope about everything, and today he's playing his old tricks again! What's wrong with him?

Hundreds of soldiers ate in silence around their campfires.

Curtis seemed surprised when I told him Deirdre wasn't here.

Have a nice summer vacation.

Don't ask me. Ask them.

He cried in an angry voice.

You said it was an emergency, so I came right away.

I'm going to town for flour and other supplies.

Around 29% of Okinawans live to be a 100.

Mikael didn't bring his tools with him today.

They have plenty of money.

I got shot three times.

How can you be so confident?


We are invited to dinner.

I don't have anything more to translate.

It is essential to prevent salmonella contamination in hen egg production.

I listened to the music of birds.

This is without a doubt true.

He barely said a word.

Perhaps we should advertise in the local newspaper for a reliable house painter.

She's not really a woman... she's a man.

Florence Nightingale is famous as the woman who began professional nursing.

Gun collecting is a poor companion to child rearing.

You need to be extra careful around Sridharan.

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I don't plan on doing that.

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We can't stay in here very long.

This big sofa is really not suitable for a small room.

I have to go get him.